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NEPRA RESOURCE MANAGEMENT PVT LTD’s initiative Let’s Recycle is the largest waste management solution in India. We strategize to bring in environmental solutions that can help the communities and organizations to become sustainable.

With the wide spread network of recycling facilities our business adapts to meet the needs of various costumer groups by tailoring, scheduling and organizing our operations to suite their requirements. Since 2012 we have helped 500+ customers become greener.

Let’s Recycle has formalized the Indian unregulated and unorganized waste management sector by sourcing waste from the marginalized waste pickers, ensuring long standing relationships by providing fair and transparent prices. We have impacted the lives of 5000+ people from bottom of pyramid and are committed to do in future.

We are the only waste management organization in India to have developed an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to track and monitor our activities so as to make the system more authentic and efficient. With our constant endeavors we plan to divert 30000 MT of waste from the landfill by 2020, up from 373MT in 2012, when we just started the operations. A part of this will be accomplished by expanding the business footprint in other cities and the rest by increasing the portfolio and becoming a one stop shop for all waste management solutions.

Our values lay the foundation for steering the decisions we take, the people we hire and our culture. We believe in creating equality and respect for a welcoming workplace, intending to create social and economic inclusion through our operations and creating a broader impact for the society and environment.

We maintain transparency in our operations and are accountable to both our customers and employees.


  • Environmental Sustainability – Our operations reflect how we integrate environmental sustainability into the business. Our broader approach encompasses addressing issues like Climate Change.

  • Impacting the BOP – We believe in creating maximum positive impact for the people from bottom of pyramid by providing employment and measures for social as well as financial inclusion.

  • Client Service – We aim to provide high quality service to our clients, serving them consistently for their implied and stated needs.

  • Innovation – We always want to push back the limits of knowledge, discovering new ways that are truly different and surprising.

  • Conducive working environment – Let’s Recycle offers an environment where employees have the opportunity to climb the career ladder and work in a synergetic environment.

  • Maximizing value for the share holder – We strive to keep a balance among the 3P’s (Planet, People and Profit) of sustainability, in such a way that it creates feasible value for the shareholders.


  • Integrity – We at Let’s Recycle strongly regard moral uprightness. We uphold oneself to consistently moral and ethical standards.

  • Equality – We follow a non-hierarchical work atmosphere, where each individual is treated at par with one another regardless of their status, gender, role, class, caste or creed.

  • Transparency – We at Let’s Recycle value transparency in transaction, communication and compliance.

  • Commitment – We assure efficiency and high quality output that comes with commitment to each task we carry out.

  • Inclusion – Our continuous efforts lie in empowering people in the marginalized section and including them in the mainstream, both socially and financially.