Did you know that all of the waste you generate has some kind of cost associated with it? Also absence of an efficient waste management practice may cost the company heavily, not only in monetary terms but also it might affect your reputation and have long term effect on the environment.

It is important to recognize that the actual cost of waste is not just the amount spent for disposing it off but is much more than that. It includes the cost of energy, raw material and time put in to generate the waste. It also includes the cost of externality, i.e. the effect of waste on the environment. This cost might be as high as 20 times the cost of disposal.

Some benefits of Recycling at work place are:

  1. It improves your cost control, making the companies estimate the cost of waste, and in due course helps in waste reduction leading to reduced costs.

  2. It boosts your reputation, doing wonders for your company’s image, attracting both customers and employees along with giving you competitive advantage.

  3. It helps save space and reduces clutter.

  4. Effective waste management helps organization to become compliant with strict legislations to mitigate environmental impact on landfill sites improving the government-industry relationships.

  5. Recycling is best for environment – Ithelps reduce environmental impact of your business as when you recycle you divert the waste from landfill and direct it in the manufacturing of a new product.

  6. It also increases employee morale and customer loyalty as people find pride in getting attached to the responsible and environment friendly firms.

  7. It reduces incidents that result in liability