Single stream recycling has been a catalyst in promoting the recycling business. It has been gaining popularity as it allows the customers to mix all possible recyclables including paper, plastic, metal and glass in one large bin, rather than sorting these items into separate smaller bins. It creates convenience for both the customers and waste managers.

Single Stream Recycling increases collection efficiency and reduces cost through vehicle payload optimization.

It has been a primary driver for increasing participation in the waste management operations on large scale.

We are one of the first major national waste management companies to emphasize on Single Stream Recycling and are continuing to invest in it.�

While the benefits of Single Stream Recycling are many, the process has some disadvantages as well. It does not entirely ensure quality control as the customers get confused about exactly what is recyclable and what is not. The flawed presumptions of the people may lead to contamination in the lots coming in the material recovery facilities. There is a need for public awareness regarding segregation and recycling.

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