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They acknowledge my work here

31 - Jul - 2015

Bhanu Ben, who is thirty years old, lives in Kodiyar village near Ahmedabad. She has been working with the Let's Recycle initiative of Nepra Resource Management Pvt. Ltd for the past three years.

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Self Reliant Collection Executive

29 - Jul - 2015

35 years old Chunda Bhai lives in Raval Vaas in Gandhinagar with his wife, one son who is studying in 6th grade and two daughters-one studying in 7th grade and the other a 17 year old who has dropped out of school. Chunda Bhai is 5th grade pass and is the sole bread earner of the family.

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Waste Picker is Who I Am

10 - Jul - 2015

This story is about Premi Behn who when asked was not really sure about her age. However, after looking at her radiant face, one could tell that she was not over 35 years.

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