35 years old Chunda Bhai lives in Raval Vaas in Gandhinagar with his wife, one son who is studying in 6th grade and two daughters-one studying in 7th grade and the other a 17 year old who has dropped out of school. Chunda Bhai is 5th grade pass and is the sole bread earner of the family.

Three years back, Chunda Bhai bought a Tata Ace which he used for doing free lancing logistics work on a small scale. He made somewhere around Rs.15000-Rs.20000 per month, which could be lesser at times. While telling about his work he dismally said, “The work I did back then was uncertain; there were months when I hardly got any contracts and it was difficult to sustain my family during those times.”

He was looking for something better when his friend introduced him to Let’s Recycle. He liked the work offered to him there and joined the firm as a Collection Executive four months back. When asked more about his work, he said “I along with a helper collect dry waste from commercial complexes, households, industries and waste-pickers. In the morning, I am given my route for the day which helps me save fuel. With the mobile phone given to me, it is very convenient to track the route. I have been exposed to using GPRS and other mobile facilities after joining the firm.”

Chunda Bhai today earns an amount of Rs.25000 per month;furthermore, he gets a bonus of Rs.6000-6500 based on his performance. He is a beneficiary of the government’s social security schemes like ESI and PF. When asked about any other change in his life after joining Let’s Recycle, he showily said “I now deposit Rs.6500 to Rs. 7000 per month as savings in my bank. I would use this money to get my daughter married”