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Bottom of Pyramid

In India, the bottom of the pyramid is the largest, but the poorest socio-economic group which is estimated around 300 million or nearly 25% of the population. Population of this segment of our economy are not earning more than Rs 300 per/day and majorly involved in activities like cleaning, waste picking, begging, etc. Waste picking happens to rank lowest in the hierarchy of urban occupations and the ones employed in this occupation are majorly women and children.

In Ahmedabad, there are around 4,39,843 people who live in slums as per the 2011 census out of which around 30,000 people are involved in business of waste picking/collection, segregation and selling. Most of them are illiterate, unskilled, and migrants and have no permanent residence.

They play an important role in the waste recycling value chain by collecting, sorting and trading waste. A huge quantity of waste is recovered by the informal sector. In most developing countries, 15-20%of the waste generated is managed by the informal sector, providing financial and environmental benefits to municipalities. These waste pickers have to be recognized and appreciated for aiding the municipality and environment by collecting waste and directing it towards recycling. They need to be formally included in the structure of solid waste management for better livelihood.

To recognize the work done by the informal sector to as well as include them in the mainstream, Nepra Resource Management Private Limited has taken several steps which are as under:

  • Making ID cards for them
  • Insurance for waste pickers
  • Accurate Database of the waste pickers
  • Bridging the gap between CSR and informal sector
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