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The reality that waste pickers lead a miserable life in the worst condition possible, advocates the fact that the waste picker’s children suffer poorer heath and are more likely to be ill than non-waste pickers children.

Lack of access to education in one of the many other struggles that these children have underwent. They are pressured to drop out of school for lack of financial resources. Even when the education is free of cost for instance in the municipal and government schools, the parents cannot afford the transportation cost, cost of the uniform and text books. Though there has been a law which states that there shall be mandatory educational support for the kids of people engaged in occupations such as waste picking, however there are hindrances in the scheme reaching these kids.

Nepra Resource Management Private Limited has been striving to collect the data of the floating migrant population of these children. The endeavour is to connect them with the government schemes and CSR activities.

To help, people can:

  • People can donate their dry waste (old books, newspaper, magazines, cardboard, plastic and glass bottles, tetra paks, aluminium foil) and the equivalent money would reach the kids.
  • Can directly donate old clothes, old books and stationary to the children.
  • Companies under their CSR can take responsibilities of education of certain children.